25th April 2017

Regional Parliamentarians Conference on Combatting Human Trafficking: Highlights

29th November 2016

11th Women Ministers and Parliamentarians Conference: Highlights

7th November 2016

Women's Empowerment: Elimination of Violence Against Women

7th November 2016

Ensuring Girls’ and Women’s Health throughout their Life Courses

7th November 2016

Women’s Political Participation

7th November 2016

Women’s Economic Participation

7th November 2016

Ensuring the Rights of the Vulnerable

21st October 2016

AFPPD-NZPPD Agenda 2030 Workshop for Pacific Parliaments: Highlights

27th April 2016

世界人口開発議員会議(GCPPD2016) - 9

27th April 2016

世界人口開発議員会議(GCPPD2016) - 8

27th April 2016

世界人口開発議員会議(GCPPD2016) - 7

27th April 2016

世界人口開発議員会議(GCPPD2016) - 6

27th April 2016

世界人口開発議員会議(GCPPD2016) - 5

26th April 2016

世界人口開発議員会議(GCPPD2016) - 4

26th April 2016

世界人口開発議員会議(GCPPD2016) - 3

26th April 2016

世界人口開発議員会議(GCPPD2016) - 2

26th April 2016

世界人口開発議員会議(GCPPD2016) - 1

10th February 2016

AFPPD Chair shares his thoughts about the G7 Global Conference of Parliamentarians

28th January 2016

AFPPD Chair Hon. Prof. Keizo Takemi speaks about the role of parliamentarians to achieve UHC before the Prince Mahidol Award Conference

12th January 2016

AFPPD 11th General Assembly Interviews

7th January 2016

AFPPD Advocacy Training Video

7th December 2015

2nd Training Workshop for Parliamentarians and Parliamentary Staff on Prioritizing ICPD in the SDGs

15th October 2015

AFPPD 11th General Assembly

7th September 2015

Role of Women Parliamentarians

11th March 2015

Women Parliamentarians Talk about EVAWG

5th February 2015

4th Annual AFPPD National Committees-UNFPA Advocacy Planning Session

30th October 2014

Regional Parliamentarians Meeting on Prevention of Violence against Women and Girls

24th August 2014

Timor Leste Women MPs talk about Gender and Population Issues

10th June 2014

Short Message from the National Committees

12th January 2014

Pacific Parliamentarians Want a World With Rights